“Superb work this month fellas. I normally bet small on MLB until football arrives but these MLB plays have been FIRE! I’m betting big and winning so much that my bookie just lowered my limits haha! Oh well, time to find another book. Keep it up.” Mitch W. from Fort Myers, FL

“I play with a few services off and on but your service is my go to when I really need to hammer a play to get me out of a hole. You’ve guys have saved my bacon so many times I’ve lost count. I appreciate you.” Liam C. from Brookline, MA

“Winner winner, chicken dinner! Stay hot boys!” Derek J. from Jupiter, Florida

“How do you guys do it, lol? I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t playing firsthand. Some of your plays I can’t see how they will hit but they do the majority of the time. You guys are true sharps.” Tyler K. from North Kingstown, RI

“Thank you for a great month of plays! I really needed a month like that to get me back on track. I will be reupping next week when I get back from my vacation in Maui.” Bill M. from Santa Cruz, CA

“I love your service. You guys do a tremendous job and are so consistent. How much for the rest of football season?” Camden K. from Las Vegas, NV

“Do you guys ever cool off lol? Wow. I am hard to impress but this run the past 5 weeks has been the hottest one I’ve ever seen. Whatever you are doing, don’t stop!” Luis Q. from Chandler, AZ

“I appreciate the winning picks. Your service is amazing.” Ernest P. from Powell, Ohio

“Hey man, these picks are off the chain. I’m going to need to start hiding money in my mattress pretty soon haha!” Frank O. from Frisco, Texas

“You guys bailed me out last night big time! Thank you. I was down $1600 and now I’m up $2800 after hitting a 3 teamer I played on your 3 top plays. I’m going to buy the 1 year package tonight.” Wilson B. from Franklin Park, PA

“Man, I gotta tell you, the CREAM TEAM is amazing. Never seen anything like it. I’ve played with lots of services and nothing comes close. Awesome job, keep it up.” Satch J. from Birmingham, AL